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Hot-plate welding

Heat- and pressure-based 2-stage production process with horizontal or vertical movement of the welding parts.


Your benefits

  • The welding process used most often in industrial series production
  • Discrete heating and joining, with the following phases: premelt / pressureless heating / changeover / joining and cooling
  • Joints of the molded parts to be welded are sufficiently heated by an electrically heated plate – either via contact (heat conduction) or via radiant heat – then welded under pressure
  • High strengths / continuously high weld quality / all-round seal weldings / absolutely no loose particles / welding different plastics / joining spatially complex parts


Applications: automotive industry / home appliance and white goods industry / sanitation and installation technology / electrical engineering / electronics / medical technology / packaging / toys / sports equipment


  • Modularly designed standard series for various hot-plate sizes, footprints, drives and other features
  • Modular special equipment tailored to customer requirements, including tool change concepts, automated production lines and clocked equipment for maximum output