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Laser transmission welding

Established process for small and large series: abrasion- and shock-free use with a very small heat-affected zone.


Your benefits


  • The different absorption characteristics of the joining partners form the basis for laser welding. Many thermoplasts are sufficiently transparent for use with lasers and can even be colored as required
  • As a rule, laser welding results in precise, visually perfect weld seams that can even be used as a design element. In addition, high weld strengths are attained, approximating the base material strengths
  • In quasi-simultaneous laser welding, the laser beam is led along the welding contour with the help of scanner mirrors with high traversing rate of up to 10 m/s (depending on the focal length)
  • Molded part tolerances can be melted down and pressed into the weld bead


  • The robot’s freedom of movement makes it also possible to weld complex three-dimensional contours.
  • Because the laser runs along the weld seam slowly, melt distance is eliminated and weld seams form without bead


Delicate small parts requiring vibration-free welding. Housings containing thermally sensitive materials. It is often used in the following areas:

Automotive industry / home appliance and white goods industry / electrical engineering / electronics / medical and pharma technology


  • Modularly designed standard series for various component sizes and automation concepts – all adjustable to customer requirements
  • For three standard machine sizes, there are three automation variants: basic, turntable and pass-through operation

    • Flexible manufacturing cell layouts using robot systems
    • Compact integration unit which can be easily integrated in a complex automation concept

  • Even our range of existing options offers numerous possibilities: from ESD protection, to traceability concepts, to Poka Yoke – many features are available immediately