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Vibration welding

Through oscillating, linear relative motion, the contact surfaces of the thermoplast parts are heated, plasticized and welded.


Your benefits

  • Very short process times
  • Suitable for almost all thermoplastics

Linear vibration welding

  • One-step welding process
  • Process consists of the following phases: solid frictional phase, non-stationary melt layer formation, stationary melt layer formation, cooling or holding phase
  • The solid frictional phase generates a small amount of abraded particles (greatly depending on the material)
  • For every thermoplastic, this process achieves an optimum melting temperature on the joint surface

Linear vibration welding with infrared pre-heating

  • Process consists of the following phases: infrared pre-heating, changeover to vibration, non-stationary melt layer formation, stationary melt layer formation, cooling or holding phase
  • Depending on the parameter setting, the solid frictional phase can be “skipped” almost completely
  • With this additional function, sloping areas can be welded more successfully, and abraded solid particles can be almost entirely avoided


Applications: Automotive industry / home appliance and white goods industry / sanitation and installation technology


  • Standard machine range as modules
  • Expandable, customized, modular standard and special equipment – for flexible facility concepts (also pass-through operation) with robot handling, including Fast tool change concepts
  • Vibration units with construction sizes from 400x300 to 1550x620 mm
  • Machine program for high-frequency welding (180 – 220 Hz) for tool weights between 20 and 90 kg, and low-frequency welding (90 – 130 Hz) for tool weights of up to 180 kg
  • Machines available with hydraulic and servo motor lifting table drive concepts
  • Special ancillary equipment packages for infrared pre-heating with medium-wave infrared radiators